The main focus of Homelandz is to encourage creators creative pursuits within Virtual Worlds. We believe that Creators deserve some sort of compensation for the work they put in providing items or sim designs for the rest of us to enjoy. That compensation can come in different forms We are working on a resource zone with warehouses that contain CC0 models and textures etc. Everything in the zone is free to use though there is a small fee to access this zone and that fee is just to cover the costs of the server load and the time put into getting models ready for use in OS. All items in this zone come with ao maps and models have been turned into Dae files for use in OS. We have done the work for you so you can spend time creating. Original creators will also be given shop space to set up their items in for sale etc in the Homelandz mall.


Virtual worlds are a great space for so many to be able to connect to others from around the world. For those who may have issues in real life that can prevent them from connecting to others these worlds offer a community that we all vitally need. This is another of Homelandz goals creating a community where people feel they belong and can contribute to.


What is art other than a way to communicate ideas that sometimes we cannot express with words. It is our thoughts in a visual representation. We all communicate in different ways and see the world uniquely from each other. Virtual worlds enhance our ability to communicate in ways we may not feel comfortable doing in real life. Homelandz will strive to be a place where communication is encouraged.

Part of communication is being respectful of others in the community and as such we do have some conduct guides for our Grid.

  1. Everyone is accepted no matter what race, gender, sexuality, religion, or political standing you are. You will conduct yourself with respect and not expect others to treat you differently or better than they do others.
  2. This is a place for people to role play, build their lands, create original items etc and as such we will not amplify one cause, movement or ideology above others.
  3. This is not X so keep the political discussions for private.
  4. Bullying is a childish act and if you engage in that behavior you will be dealt with like a child.
  5. NO childlike avatars allowed on this grid. This is an Adult rated grid and if any action is discovered that involves childlike avatars etc you will be dealt with accordingly.
  6. Pineapple belongs on pizza…deal with it.
  7. Griefing/Trolling is not acceptable behavior. Depending on the severity we may take you to Opensim court of just do it the easy way and kick/ban/mute you.
  8. No venting out in public. If you have issues with anyone contact admin or be a grown up and discuss the issues with the other person involved.

Tier System

Homelandz uses tier system for members. Below is an image of the tiers we have available.